Blade and Chain Sharpening
Hodgson Pools
5831 Seneca St
Elma, NY

Service Description

Blade Sharpening

*Regular blade- $9.75

*Mulching blade- $12.50

*Commercial Blade- $10.50-$15.50 Depends on thickness

Each blade is sharpened and balanced

Chain Sharpening

10"-18": $8.50

20"-28": $9.00

32"-36": $9.50

CARBIDE Chains (Diamond Tip chain)

16"-20": $11.50

25"-32": $13.50

Each chain is sharpened and rakers are cut back

Chain on the saw


Technician takes chain of the saw, sharpens and cut rakers back, cleans around sprocket and bar cover, flips bar for even wear and reassemblies