Chainsaw Service


Hodgson Pools
5831 Seneca St
Elma, NY

Service Description

Tune-Up Pricing

  • Remove bar and chain
  • Clean around sproket and chain cover
  • Sharpen Chain ( if applicable) if new chain is needed, customer is responsible for price of new chain
  • Service air filter- if new air filter is needed, customer is responsible for price of air filter
  • Replace spark plug
  • Check fuel line and fuel filter
  • Check saw over
  • Make needed adjustments 
  • Add fresh fuel/bar and chain oil 
  • Test saw 

Prices subject to tax and environmental fees

Note: If more than a tune-up is needed Hodgson's will call you with an estimate.  If estimate is declined there will be an estimate fee charged. If unit is not a product Hodgson's sells, there may be an upfront estimate fee.

 A tune-up is not a repair.  It is ROUTINE preventative maintenance for full operational equipment